Yesterday the Board Chairman of the Association of Tanzania Oil and Gas Service Providers (ATOGS) Hon. Abdulsamad Abdulrahim and other Heads of the Private Sector Organisations from CTI, CeO Roundtable, TAHA and other PSOs held a fruitful meeting with 20 Diplomats from Member States of the European Union’s Africa Working Group (COAFR) at the European Council who are the representatives of EU Member States that discuss EU policy in regard to African issues.

Hon. Abdulsamad thanked European Union for their continued support offered towards the country and private sector development. The meeting focused on various issues including business opportunities, Finance, Energy and discussed areas of private sector’s mutual interests.

The delegation contribute to shape policy, as they report their recommendations both to the higher levels in the Council, up to the Foreign Affairs Ministers Council and also down to EU Delegations in the field. This was a rare opportunity to have in the country as some diplomats from EU countries do not have diplomatic representation in Tanzania.

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